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... Persona 5, the latest in the Persona series of JRPGs, takes my heart! 
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... Bob Howard, IT expert and paranormal secret agent, is back in Charles Stross' ([personal profile] autopope ) fourth Laundry novel, The Apocalypse Codex, and it's gonna be a rough ride!
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I talk about the dangers of metawriting and how this applied to Challenges of the Deeps!
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I am Groot.
I am Groot.

I hope this is clear.  
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 ... the third entry in Charlie Stross' ([personal profile] autopope ) Laundry Files, The Fuller Memorandum! Bob Howard is back, and once more dealing with the Lovecraftian horrors of bureaucracy. And of Lovecraftian horrors, too. And maybe horrific Lovecraftian bureaucrats.
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... a prior review of Nero Wolfe because there were things I hadn't touched on before! 
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and today it's Dragonball Xenoverse, one of the more recent fighting games from the venerable Dragonball franchise!

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... request entry to

community rykspoor_beta so I can add you in!
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... now to see if we can get everyone into the communities again! 
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... if I can just figure out how to import my communities I'll be done.
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... (which despite the name also includes video) on this Saturday night. If there are any subjects you want to hear addressed, or questions you think I should answer on the show, go to this link on FB:

and type your suggestions into the comments!
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... combination of lots of travel, some illnesses in the family, and issues with cars have taken most of my energy. Once I have some focus time I'll figure out how to transfer my communities over (I already moved the journal itself). THEN I'll start using Dreamwidth. But as my communities are the primary interest (especially my beta-reader community) that has to happen first.


Apr. 4th, 2017 05:52 pm
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... what do I need to do in order to  move my communities over to Dreamwidth? Will I need to get a paid account?

(yes, I want to move Awakeningofmagi as well as rykspoor_beta -- I may not be using it at the moment, but there's some good and interesting stuff there and I don't want it going away)
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... for the Gemmell Award in Fantasy for Phoenix Ascendant!
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I'm also going to be at Lunacon -- next week -- and here's my schedule for that!

Signing (~7:30? Not sure of location)
8PM: Meet the Pros
10PM: (Duchess Room) I do a READING!

10AM: (Hudson) The Plausible Impossible (how you worldbuild and write to make readers accept stuff that's ridiculously impossible)
11AM: (Grand Ballroom D): GODZILLA- Returns and Returns and Returns
Noon: (Grand Ballroom A): Religion, Magic, and the Occult in Anime
1PM: (Grand Ballroom G): The Allure of Sherlock Holmes
4PM: (Grand Ballroom G): World Building, Interactive VS Narrative (literature VS film VS videogame VS tabletop game)
7PM: (Sleepy Hollow) Children are Afraid of Monsters (writing monstrous beings)

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I'll be at Albacon Friday and Saturday! Here's my Schedule!


10AM (Troy Room) Writer's Workshop: What publishers -- and readers -- want
1PM: (Troy Room) Writer's Workshop: Writing Techniques -- revising, editing, outlining
2PM: (Troy Room) Writer's Workshop: Self Publishing VS Traditional
4PM: (Troy Room) Writer's Workshop: Critiquing Panel
8PM: (Colonie Room) Ice Cream Social
9PM: (Latham Room) Art Show Reception
10PM: (Troy Room) Improv Storytelling Panel


11:30AM (Hotel Bar) I do a READING!
Noon: (Troy Room) We're Off To See L. Frank Baum!
3PM: (Troy Room) Games into fiction; Fiction into games
4PM: (Lobby) Signing
6PM: (Troy Room) The Most Influential Games of All Time

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