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... for the Gemmell Award in Fantasy for Phoenix Ascendant!
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I'm also going to be at Lunacon -- next week -- and here's my schedule for that!

Signing (~7:30? Not sure of location)
8PM: Meet the Pros
10PM: (Duchess Room) I do a READING!

10AM: (Hudson) The Plausible Impossible (how you worldbuild and write to make readers accept stuff that's ridiculously impossible)
11AM: (Grand Ballroom D): GODZILLA- Returns and Returns and Returns
Noon: (Grand Ballroom A): Religion, Magic, and the Occult in Anime
1PM: (Grand Ballroom G): The Allure of Sherlock Holmes
4PM: (Grand Ballroom G): World Building, Interactive VS Narrative (literature VS film VS videogame VS tabletop game)
7PM: (Sleepy Hollow) Children are Afraid of Monsters (writing monstrous beings)

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I'll be at Albacon Friday and Saturday! Here's my Schedule!


10AM (Troy Room) Writer's Workshop: What publishers -- and readers -- want
1PM: (Troy Room) Writer's Workshop: Writing Techniques -- revising, editing, outlining
2PM: (Troy Room) Writer's Workshop: Self Publishing VS Traditional
4PM: (Troy Room) Writer's Workshop: Critiquing Panel
8PM: (Colonie Room) Ice Cream Social
9PM: (Latham Room) Art Show Reception
10PM: (Troy Room) Improv Storytelling Panel


11:30AM (Hotel Bar) I do a READING!
Noon: (Troy Room) We're Off To See L. Frank Baum!
3PM: (Troy Room) Games into fiction; Fiction into games
4PM: (Lobby) Signing
6PM: (Troy Room) The Most Influential Games of All Time

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... starts today at 10AM! My username there is Voidbuilder!
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... because this time I review Holst's The Planets, one of my favorite symphonic works!
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... Update on my Patreon: To my gratified amazement we blew past the first goal, and are not that far from the second! In a couple weeks the regularly-scheduled new content will begin; fortunately I have the equipment to do at least a halfway-decent recording of me reading stuff, because I have not one but two supporters at that level!
Thanks to all of you who've become Patrons, or shared my Patreon elsewhere!
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... looks at Watchmen, the groundbreaking superhero deconstruction by Alan Moore and David Gibbon!
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... just went live with my Patreon here!

Take a look, and if you've ever wanted to support me in any way other than the occasional book purchase, here's your chance -- and there will be some exclusive goodies for patrons at different levels!
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... is the subject today, as I review the Foglios' long-running comic Girl Genius!
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... another reminder post on what I've done in the last year:
Phoenix Ascendant came out in March, the third and final book in the Balanced Sword trilogy -- thus it's eligible as either a standalone book, or the whole trilogy is eligible as a larger work in awards that have that category. The last Justiciar of Myrionar ,Kyri Vantage, and her friends exiled prince Tobimar Silverun and diminutive toad Poplock Duckweed finally return to Evanwyl to confront the enemy behind all the evil they have faced, and discover that things are far worse than they imagined!
Castaway Odyssey, second in the Castaway Planet series, came out in October. A new group of castaways from the same disaster encounter very different problems than our first group, before the two sets of impromptu colonists can meet each other!
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... with Effects VS Causes, OR Why I Hate Champions, exploring my philosophy of world-behavior!
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... on Game Balance, OR World Trumps Rules, examining my own approach to running tabletop RPGs!
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... the classic and still-remembered comic Calvin and Hobbes is the subject of today's review!
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... this one is a *partial* review of Grand Theft Auto 5, the incredibly successful recent entry in the franchise!
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... looking at Rogue One, the latest entry in the Star Wars franchise!
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... of Phoenix Rising is the old Chapter 50, showing a rather different endgame to the book!
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