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2017-07-25 07:24 am

Elves and Vampires and Unicorns...

... with a Lovecraftian twist feature in The Nightmare Stacks, the latest of the Laundryverse novels by Charlie Stross ([personal profile] autopope ) that's On My Shelves today! 
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2017-07-21 09:51 am

I've put up...

... the full image that's only partially visible on the cover for Princess Holy Aura on my site today
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2017-07-20 07:24 am

Today's On My Shelves...

... reviews Dragonball Super, the (to me) very unexpected direct sequel to Dragonball/DBZ!
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2017-07-11 06:14 am

On My Shelves today...

... the new Wonder Woman movie leaps off the comic page and onto the big screen!
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2017-07-06 08:05 am

Return to the Laundryverse...

... from a different point of view, as The Annihilation Score is directed through Mo O'Brien's eyes! 
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2017-07-04 09:15 am

Publishing News!

 Demons of the Past, a space opera trilogy set in the same universe as Jason Wood and the Balanced Sword, will be published early next year by Double Dragon Publishing!

They will also be publishing the first volume of Fall of Veils, an urban fantasy that somehow crosses Supernatural, Cheers (at a coffee bar), and Being Human, by Kathleen and me (mostly her to start, I write more as the series goes on)!
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2017-06-27 07:55 am

In a new On My Shelves...

... Persona 5, the latest in the Persona series of JRPGs, takes my heart! 
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2017-05-25 07:37 am

In today's On My Shelves...

... Bob Howard, IT expert and paranormal secret agent, is back in Charles Stross' ([personal profile] autopope ) fourth Laundry novel, The Apocalypse Codex, and it's gonna be a rough ride!
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2017-05-11 07:57 am

Today on my site...

I talk about the dangers of metawriting and how this applied to Challenges of the Deeps!
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2017-05-06 08:40 pm

Initial review of Guardians of the Galaxy 2

I am Groot.
I am Groot.

I hope this is clear.  
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2017-05-05 07:26 am

On My Shelves today...

 ... the third entry in Charlie Stross' ([personal profile] autopope ) Laundry Files, The Fuller Memorandum! Bob Howard is back, and once more dealing with the Lovecraftian horrors of bureaucracy. And of Lovecraftian horrors, too. And maybe horrific Lovecraftian bureaucrats.
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2017-04-27 07:48 pm

Today, I revisit...

... a prior review of Nero Wolfe because there were things I hadn't touched on before! 
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2017-04-25 07:56 am

Restarting my regular Blog posts...

and today it's Dragonball Xenoverse, one of the more recent fighting games from the venerable Dragonball franchise!

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2017-04-22 05:32 pm


... request entry to

community rykspoor_beta so I can add you in!
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2017-04-22 05:30 pm

I think it's done...

... now to see if we can get everyone into the communities again! 
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2017-04-22 11:01 am

Almost completely moved...

... if I can just figure out how to import my communities I'll be done.
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2017-04-14 09:25 am

I'll be on Zombiepalooza Radio Live...

... (which despite the name also includes video) on this Saturday night. If there are any subjects you want to hear addressed, or questions you think I should answer on the show, go to this link on FB:

and type your suggestions into the comments!
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2017-04-14 09:24 am

Haven't completed moving yet...

... combination of lots of travel, some illnesses in the family, and issues with cars have taken most of my energy. Once I have some focus time I'll figure out how to transfer my communities over (I already moved the journal itself). THEN I'll start using Dreamwidth. But as my communities are the primary interest (especially my beta-reader community) that has to happen first.
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2017-04-04 05:52 pm


... what do I need to do in order to  move my communities over to Dreamwidth? Will I need to get a paid account?

(yes, I want to move Awakeningofmagi as well as rykspoor_beta -- I may not be using it at the moment, but there's some good and interesting stuff there and I don't want it going away)