Mar. 30th, 2017

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I'll be at Albacon Friday and Saturday! Here's my Schedule!


10AM (Troy Room) Writer's Workshop: What publishers -- and readers -- want
1PM: (Troy Room) Writer's Workshop: Writing Techniques -- revising, editing, outlining
2PM: (Troy Room) Writer's Workshop: Self Publishing VS Traditional
4PM: (Troy Room) Writer's Workshop: Critiquing Panel
8PM: (Colonie Room) Ice Cream Social
9PM: (Latham Room) Art Show Reception
10PM: (Troy Room) Improv Storytelling Panel


11:30AM (Hotel Bar) I do a READING!
Noon: (Troy Room) We're Off To See L. Frank Baum!
3PM: (Troy Room) Games into fiction; Fiction into games
4PM: (Lobby) Signing
6PM: (Troy Room) The Most Influential Games of All Time

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I'm also going to be at Lunacon -- next week -- and here's my schedule for that!

Signing (~7:30? Not sure of location)
8PM: Meet the Pros
10PM: (Duchess Room) I do a READING!

10AM: (Hudson) The Plausible Impossible (how you worldbuild and write to make readers accept stuff that's ridiculously impossible)
11AM: (Grand Ballroom D): GODZILLA- Returns and Returns and Returns
Noon: (Grand Ballroom A): Religion, Magic, and the Occult in Anime
1PM: (Grand Ballroom G): The Allure of Sherlock Holmes
4PM: (Grand Ballroom G): World Building, Interactive VS Narrative (literature VS film VS videogame VS tabletop game)
7PM: (Sleepy Hollow) Children are Afraid of Monsters (writing monstrous beings)

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... for the Gemmell Award in Fantasy for Phoenix Ascendant!

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